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Israel/Where did the Hebrew people come from?


sarah wrote at 2010-08-31 23:08:21
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Ishmael was a believer of one eloh (G-d)

when mosa and the Israels reached the land of Canaanites he told them to enter it they said no , you go with your lord and fight its people we r not entering it,, so the lord punished them and they got lost and scattered all around the world..

if the believers of one G-d were allowed to live in this land why were Palestinians (and stil r) being killed..  

Ron Kidd wrote at 2014-03-26 18:30:23
All Jacob's (ISRAEL)offspring were not known as Hebrews until the Egyptions called them HIBIRUS. That name stuck and they were known as Hibirus (Hebrew in English) ever since. They were called the children of Israel for a reason, see start of this paragraph. They were called Jews  after the tribe of Judah became a stand alone country ruled by David and Solomon. The other 10 tribes broke off after Solomon's rule and became known as Israelites.


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