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When the mount was occupied bye the Jewish temple, where was the rock that Mohamid accended from? I don't understand where the hole with a rock sticking out came from in the sceam of the placement of the building that where on the same spot.

According to history, the 1st book of kings from Chapter 4, Solomon built the Temple on the place where Abraham had bound his son Izaak on an altar and sacrificed a ram instead of his son. This was known as the 1st Temple. It's holiness derived from the rock of Abraham, the place which Solomon believed God had chosen as His holy place on earth.

The 1st Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in the year 586 BCE, you can read about this also in the Bible, 2nd Kings chapter 25, the book of Lamentations mourns this destruction and the book of Jeremiah prophecizes about it.

The Temple was rebuilt (2nd Temple) by Nehemiah in 500 BCE, (Before The Christian Era) on the same place, remember it's the place that's holy, the Jewish state was reestablished and lasted untill the year 70 CE (Christian Era) when the Romans destroyed the 2nd Temple.

By the time Mohammed arrived on the scene of history in the year 622 CE, the Jews didn't have their own state anymore and lived scattered among the nations.

During this time the Moslems, under their leader, Omar, the first follower of Mohammed, conquered Judah from the Romans (who at that time were Christians) who ruled Judah as a colony of Rome.

According to the Koran God appeared to Mohammed and showed him the holy place, the place where Abraham had bound Izaak on the altar, the same place where Solomon built the first Temple, the same place where Nehemiah built the 2nd Temple and Omar built the mosque on that place. This is the shrine which you can see standing there to this day.

Mohammed and the Moslems claim that this shrine, the Dome of Omar, is standing on the site of God's holy place. It's a sign, according to them that God chose Mohammed. This is very important for the Moslems. They need to show that God chose Mohammed as he chose Abraham. If God didn't choose Mohammed then Mohammed can't be considered a prophet and it puts in doubt the whole idea of Islam being the religion of God.


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