I am currently living in Italy and will be moving to Haifa in October for my Masters. I need to find accommodation in Haifa however all the sites are in Hebrew and in english does not seem to work..any suggestions would be great!!
Thanks :)

Hi, Sorry it took me so long.
Apartments here tend to be available at the last minute so looking for October you will not likely find anything now. end of August, beginning of september is a good time.

I study at the University of Haifa so I will ask if the university has a list of apartments in the area. I live in Tel Aviv and Yad2 is the best site for apartments that I know of. I can help you with the Hebrew site.

When are you planning to arrive? Would you consider living in the dorms? What program are you coming for?

Best to write me back to my email: corey13 at


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Lived in Israel for 10 years but have been away for the past three. I can still provide advice on where, when and what to see. I have limited knowledge of hotels/BBs/hostels and restaurants but I know some really interesting, out-of-the-way places for any length of stay and have a good understanding of the different cultures.

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