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Israel/Judaism and its relationship to various organisations like the Freemasons


While surfing, I found that Israel is known for Zionism. But I had heard earlier that religion is Jewish due to some Judah tribe. So, when and why did this Judaism converted to Zionism?

What do you think on this video:

I want unbiased opinion on What is Zionism ans why do people link it with Illuminati / Satanism?

Zionism means the love of land of Israel and the intention to return to live there and to help bring Jews to the Land Of Israel, which Zionism believes is the homeland of the Jewish People.
The Jewish People lived in the Land of Israel as an independent nation for about 500 years from about 1000 BC. They were sent into exile in about 500 BC when the Babylonians conquered the Land. They returned here again in about 400 BC and established an independent state again. Then they were conquered by the Romans in a series of fierce wars. Then they lived under Roman rule and other governments until 1948 when they established the Jewish State again through the Zionist Movement.
Zionism is not a separate religion, it is a part of the Jewish religion and functions to realize the objective of the return to Zion which is one of the objectives of the Jewish religion.
Judaism gets its name from the word Judah, who was one of the tribes of the nation that lived in Israel.
The movie you sent me to see tries to explain a connection between Judaism and other organisations. I don't know much about them but I suggest that you study the Bible if you want to learn about Judaism. there are many good books on Judaism. You need to read at least one of them before accepting the ideas of people who purport to be telling about what is Judaism and what is Zionism. Once you have understood Zionism and Judaism from the Zionist and Jewish sources themselves then you will be in a better position to judge the truth or falseness of the things you hear said by people, like on the website, who purport to explain but obviously have some other objective in mind.


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