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QUESTION: "Hello, Jay Weiss. My family and I will be staying in Ramot (near the Sea of Galilee) soon on a trip to Israel. We are looking for a laundromat near Ramot which has a "fluff and fold" laundry service. As you know, a "fluff and fold" laundry service is where the customer drops off a big bag of laundry and then the laundromat separates the whites and darks, washes the clothes, folds them, and then either delivers the clothes to you or the customer picks up the cleaned clothes. We are not looking for a drycleaner, and we are not looking for a laundromat where we need to sit there and put coins in washers and dryers and wait for everything to be done ourselves. Do you know of a place near Ramot or near the Sea of Galilee which has a "fluff and fold" laundry service? Thanks very much."


Sorry I missed this question.  Must have gotten lost in my email account.

I'm afraid I can't help you with this.  I just don't know.  I've never had the occasion to need a laundry service in Tiberias.  I would think the best bet would be to contact one of the hotels there and ask for the concierge, or information and see if they can help.  You can try the Leonardo Plaza in Tiberias, and their phone number is 972 4-671-3333.sda

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.  


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QUESTION: Thanks, Jay.  Here's a follow up question.  We will be in Jerusalem during Shabbat.  On Friday night, we will be eating at our hotel's Friday night Shabbat dinner.  We do not keep the Shabbat laws.  If we are willing to carry money on Shabbat in Jerusalem and are willing to eat at restaurants during Shabbat, are there a lot of restaurants open on Saturdays (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to feed tourists willing to carry and spend money in Jerusalem on Shabbat?  Thanks.

Ah, that's a little easier than the first question!

First of all, there is a laundromat in Jerusalem that does what you call fluff and fold.  BUT, if you're only there on Saturday, it won't help.  They're closed that day.  As for Shabbat in Jerusalem, there are a number of non-Kosher restaurants open on Saturday.  While I don't have a list of them, since you're staying at a hotel there is usually a booklet at each hotel that is available at the front desk  and it gives a description of various hotels in the city.  It will also tell you their hours, so you can get a feel for what's there.  But there are certainly a good 20 restaurants at least that are open on Shabbat.  

You should have breakfast at your hotel, most all of them do include that with your stay, so that all you really will be looking for would be lunch.  By the time you're ready for dinner, Shabbat will probably be over, and the other restaurants will open up.  

Enjoy your stay!


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