Can you please give me a basic overview of Judaism and can you also explain what the Kosher diet is? Thank you.

Judaism is a religion that is followed by people who belong to the Jewish nation, it is the Jewish nation's characteristic. It is what makes a person a member  of the Jewish Nation. It is part of a threesome, which is the Torah of Israel, (namely the the laws contained in the five books of Moses, the prophets and the writings. To this may be added the Mishna and the Talmud and many other books),  the land of Israel and the nation or the people of Israel. These three are indivisible and are held together by the God of Israel. Symbolically this may be represented by  the 7 branched candelabra, known  the Menorah, which is the symbol  of the modern State  of  Israel. (the three branches on either side  of the central stem, which holds the three together. The three branches representing the three above-mentioned parts and the central stem representing God)
A kosher diet is a diet followed by Jews. It's features are mostly described in Leviticus 11,which forms the basis of all the laws applying to this diet.  


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