dear friend, I am desesperate living in venezuela so I want to move to Israel. My father was jewish from Marocco. Do you think I can do Alia if my father was jewish but not my mother? Is it easy to do Alia? I am married with to teen boys....
thanks for your advice

Israel is definitely a great country in which to live, but the government here is very strict about who can become a citizen. The only requirement is that you be Jewish. This is not an easy thing to become if you aren't born Jewish and being born Jewish means that your mother is Jewish, definitely not your father, fathers don't count in this respect. All you need to prove that your mother is Jewish is to produce her  marriage certificate signed by a rabbi. You can also become Jewish by going to an orthodox rabbi in your town and asking him to help you convert to Judaism. He is obliged by Jewish law to refuse you at least 3 times, so you need to be very determined, every time he refuses you must go back and ask him again, untill he agrees, then he will begin to instruct you on what you must do. I assure that it's a long process,but not impossible. You will need to study the subjects he tells you to study and he might teach you also or send you to an institution that teaches people wanting to convert. I think being a Jew is great and the effort is worthwhile.  


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