Thomas Lewin wrote at 2006-08-07 05:59:15
While in my stay (August 2006) here, I did find which worked very well in English, and even filled in the transliterated words for you since they can be spelled so many different ways. As of August 6, though, it looks like they're reconstructing the site? If anyone can read Hebrew and tell me what it says I would appreciate that. But before that I used emap to get everywhere!

harvey wrote at 2012-12-21 17:49:58    This site is the answer.


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My expertise is in all aspects of Tel Aviv, in particular; Israel, in general. I`ve edited a tourist-information magazine and one for the travel trade. I wrote the texts for the major brochures currently being used by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and own a web site entitled Tel Aviv Insider.

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