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QUESTION: Hello.  I was watching the news and I saw that Palestine is trying to be recognized officially and has gotten support for this by some members of the U.N but opposed by Israel.  I was wondering why would Israel be so opposed to Palestine reaching statehood and being officially recognized as a nation when they have been given land by Israel to live on?  I looked for references on the internet but none are very clear on the issue. I can not find any that I could sit down and read and hypothesis on.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Peter,

There are various reasons why Israel opposes to a Palestinian state as such. The main reason is that Palestinian territory would be clearly defined (basically on the maps of 1967). This means that many colonies established by Israel on Palestinian territory would be considered as illegal. A state for the Palestinian also grants them the possibility to access international jurisdiction and therefore the possibly to complain officially about aggressions or the disrespect of their national sovereignty. Those are the main arguments.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the response.
Would you be able to recommend any any online resources that could delve deeper into this topic?

The wiki pages dealing with Palestine state and conflict between Israel and Palestine are pretty well written. By reading it you will probabely get a better understanding of the reasons why Israel opposed the UN resolution in favour of a state for Palestinians.

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