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Doctor Doctor wrote at 2014-12-22 21:24:02
Hi David,

your words quoted below seem strange to me

"other religions, like Christianity, have eventually decided to become civilized - more or less. While many Muslim individuals have done the same, Islam as a whole has not. How much longer it will be until mainstream Islam is also civilized is something I just don't have an answer to.

you are saying Christianity has become civilized, doesn't it mean Christianity has changed? if religion is word of God isn't it supposed to stay uniform

It cud be either of the two possibilities

1. religion has changed,in which case its not a word of God anymore

2. people have stopped following the religion ,in which case u wud say (as u have put it)they have civilized.

your analysis is perfect btw :)

Christianity has civilized (words of bible have been tampered with)

And many Muslims have also civilized (they have stopped following Islam)

And Islam has not civilized ( cz Muslims take pride in the fact that the Quran that is now in their hands is the same as it was the first time it was revealed by God) there are so many people on this earth who have memorized it by heart that its difficult to change it,you'll get caught :P

So ma friend, I guess Islam will never become civilized :)

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