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I am doing an EPQ in sixth form about Israel/Palestine and I was wondering if you could give me a list of the important dates and anything that followed these dates?

Also, if there is anywhere you would go to look for more information and a deeper knowledge on this subject?  Any books to read, or things to research?

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Hello Faye,

that is a very interesting project!
If you have enough time, you will learn a lot. Most likely much more than you will need for your project, but it will help you begin to understand a conflict which will surely still remain unsolved for quite a while.

I was too lazy to write down all the events myself, so I refer you to timelines that have already been published:
These are unfortunately still too detailed and contain far too many details for a first introduction. In a first reading, you should focus on the Balfour Declaration (1917), the Holocaust (until 1945), the UN resolution (1947), the founding of the State of Israel (1948) followed by the War of Independence. All the following wars (especially Six Day War and Yom Kippur) as well as the Camp David Agreement (1978) and the Oslo Accords (1993) are other important milestones.

I always thought that it helped a bit to put things into historical perspective, especially in the first years after the Holocaust, and into the wider geopolitical perspective, especially during the Cold War.

As to books, I don't remember the ones I first read - and also, they were in German. I soon started to read parts and chapters of different books whenever I was interested in one particular subject or era, to get different views.
Again, Wikipedia has a list:
I would recommend going to a good library and looking to as many as possible, then pick the one you like best, buy it (even if the library has it; I will explain why in a minute), read it from cover to cover and heavily annotate it with questions and ideas. Then later when you read other works, try to cross-reference them. Use your main book as the one where all the information and the references are kept together. This book will look pretty used afterwards, but it will be invaluable.

Because you'll need a break from so much reading, I also recommend a film: "Exodus" by Leon Uris (1961) is a very good introduction into the founding of Israel in 1948 and close to historical events.

This is a huge subject and you will have to start as soon as possible and focus in order to stay on track. I know I have not really answered any of your specific questions, but I invite you to come back anytime when you have a question about a specific event, person, subject or area and I will see if I can answer it or at least provide some ideas.

All the best!

Andreas Moser

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