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Islam-What was Jesus To Them? What Were Some Ties to the government/politics of their religion. ? Can You Please Help Me With My Questions We Went Over This In Class I Just Didn't Understand It That Good.

Hi Beatriz,

In Islam, Jesus is considered a prophet as is Abraham and Moses. He is not considered the Son of God.

I don't quite understand your next question but it sounds like you're asking me about the role Islam played in the governments and politics in Muslim countries. If I'm correct, then in many Muslim countries, their holy book, the Koran, is the law of the land. And the carrying out of these laws, such as stonings and beheadings, is much the same today as it was when Islam was first founded in the 7th century. Not all Muslims for sure, but in places like Saudi Arabia, this is how it is.

There have been many attempts over the years for Muslim leaders to make their countries secular, separating religion and state. Some have succeeded and others have not.

Egypt, for example, has been a secular country for many decades. But the secular authorities have always had to fight the religious Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters for control of the country, often in bloody violence. Who will come out on top is still anybody's guess. Turkey used to be a secular country but it is now in the process of being governed by the Koran. The royal government of Saudi Arabia has always strictly followed the Koran and nothing else, even though feeble attempts have been made over the years to secularize it. These are just some examples.

There are approximately 56 countries in the Muslim world and the influence of the Koran in the governments of these countries as well as their political dealings range from 0% to 100%.

I hope this answers your questions although I have a feeling that I'm not answering something you wanted to know.

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