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Dear Mr. Cohen,

My friends hold George Bush responsible for the fiasco that was the 8 year Iraq war.  They say his main motive for causing  US involvement in the war was that of  our country's financial  gain--i.e, oil and the enrichment of US contractors from  building of Iraq infrastructure and military installments and armaments.  He also wanted  to "finish what his father started."  Forget WMD and Al Queda.  These were just  smokescreeens for his real motives..
They also say that he is personally responsible for the 100,000 Iragis who died in car bombings and from IED .
I,on the other hand, ,think he went to war because of his  emotions re  World Trade -- 9-11.  It happened on his watch making him hypersensitive to WMD talk.  I think he also thought it would be a good idea to get rid of a Middle Eastern tyrant and bring forth a democracy to stabilize the region. Obviously he didn't think it thru and ripped the lid off a cauldron of sectarian violence as a result of his  non thought.  But the 100,000 Iraqi  dead are the fault of their murderers, their own Sunni or Shiite neighbors - not George Bush.
Which of us is right?
Thank you.

Hi Joan,

I'm going to ask you to consider another piece of evidence before sealing the lid shut on your opinion as to why George Bush went into the Iraqi war.

Please watch the Loose Change video from beginning to end. Here is the URL: If you Google Loose Change, you will find other versions showing on Youtube. I have seen two other videos on the same subject.

These videos make it seem as if the Bush administration was responsible for the Twin Towers and Pentagon disasters. I'm not saying they do, but given the evidence fully available to the American public and the government's refusal to investigate it, it seems as if the Bush Administration might be the culprit. That's a scary thing to consider.

I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about the Iraq War, who tells me the number of Iraqis who died is about a million, not a hundred thousand. Split this giant number into equal amounts of civilian and military casualties, and that is a giant amount of dead civilians. I must figure it is the Bush administration's responsibility, because it couldn't possibly have happened had we not gone to war.

So I'm sorry I can't answer your question the way you want it answered, but maybe I have been able to give you more insight into the reasons for this war.

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