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I've read that following the U.N.'s recognition of Palestine as a state, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry has persuaded Palestine to delay pursuing its case against Israel in the International Court of Justice "while he tried to restart the peace process." In view of the sorry results over the years of the peace process and Israel's determination to approve ever more illegal settlements, what motivation could Palestine have for agreeing to that delay?

Hello Richard,

Thank you for the question. Palestine has always tried to keep good relations with the United States overthought it has opposed the UN decision of giving Palestine a state as such. Palestine knows that the US is the only country able to put pressure on Israel. And it knows that there is no hope of getting a true and hermetic border with Israel without the collaboration of a big power as a third party (namely the US). This is mainly the long-term strategy of Mahmoud ABBAS: dialogue and a strong determination.

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