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I was thinking back during WWII, I don't remember ever hearing about islamic terrorists blowing themselves up, at least it's not on schoolbooks.
So when did that sort of islamic terrorism start back in history?

Hi Anne,

The so called "Islamc Terrorism" has become a political paradigm since the attacks on 9/11 and the US response to it (wars in Afghanistan and Iraq). It is important to make a difference between terrorist attacks perpetrated for ideological goals (Islam), or attacks perpetrated by some muslims for other goals (think of the Palestinian attacks in the 1980 on aircraft, or attempts on in Lebanon back in the same years). Please note that various armies or groups in history have used this strategy of suicide attacks/bombings. Think of the kamikaze at the end of WWII in Japan for example. In my view, Islamic terrorism as we know it is born in the 1990' (Taliban wars in  Afghanistan for example). It has progressively spreaded to other countries in the region: Pakistan, India, Iraq...

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