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i hear too many words around me like israel and palestine israel and palestine, can i know whats going on? is that land for israel or palestine in the reality? and why is there a war?

Hi Yousef,

Since you're from Jordan, I'm just going to guess that you're either pro-Palestinian or you don't have an opinion one way or another. For the record, I am pro-Israel so my answer to your question will come from that point of view.

To the Jews, the land has been referred to as Eretz Yisrael - the Land of Israel - since time immemorial, no matter what everyone else was calling it. When the Romans came on the scene and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and exiled the Jews, they didn't exile all Jews. As a result, there ended up being 2 Jewish histories - one inside Israel/Palestine and one outside it. So in spite of the exile, Jews have managed to live on that land for almost 4000 years. After the Romans crushed the Bar Kochba revolt in 135 AD, the land was then called Palestine, a Romanized version of the name "Philistine", Israel's implacable enemy. On a personal note, my family was one of the majority of Jews who were exiled from Israel but we, like so many other Jews, never lost sight of the fact that Israel is our ancestral homeland and when the time was right, we had a right to reestablish the independence of our ancestral homeland.

During the British Mandate, anyone who lived in Palestine was called a "Palestinian". But it was not considered a nationality. Rather, it was simply a means to identify anyone who lived there. Historically, Jews had always called themselves "Jews" or "Israelites" ("Israelis" in Hebrew), Armenians were Armenians, Greeks were Greeks, and Arabs were perfectly happy calling themselves Arabs.

Since the time of the Canaanites, and up to 1922, Eretz Yisrael, or Palestine, referred to both sides of the Jordan River (including parts of Syria and Lebanon) by just about everyone. It was always considered one country. When the British took over, they had different things in mind. When the Hashemites were kicked out of Arabia, the British thought that Palestine was too big for the Jews so they gave the eastern half of Palestine to the Hashemites as an exclusively Arab state, and thus, the Kingdom of (Trans)jordan was created. But in reality, it was simply the eastern half of Palestine because, that's what it was.

As for today's "Palestinians" (a term which only became popular in the 1960s), they would usually disregard the above bit of historical fact and only focus on the Jews. They claim that the Jews are only European interlopers, descendants of the Khazars and therefore have no relationship to the Biblical Jews (which is a lie). They further claim that they are the indigenous people of Israel, being the descendants of the Canaanites, Philistines, Phoenicians, etc. who intermarried with each other throughout the centuries along with the Arabs who came in the 7th century (which is also a lie). In addition to that, they make a whole bunch of excuses about why there is a war with Israel - occupation, stealing land, oppression, apartheid, etc., and I'm sure a bunch of other excuses that no one has even thought of yet. In fact, the real reason there is a war is because of your age-old classic anti-Semitism. They fight against Jews because they simply hate Jews and for no other reason. According to them, it will only stop when the Jews disappear from the face of the earth.  

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