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I am doing a research paper on Kurds, can you tell me what we today call "Kurds identity" and it's background. I know they live in Turkey, Iraq and Syria and even Iran, do they all have and share a common historical identity as a group? If yes, How did they use the Kurdistan Identity to mobalize their community in pursuit of kurds State? Have they been successful in achieving anything thus far?

This is complex question if you can unpackage for me I appreicate it.


Hi Abdi,

As you were saying, yes it is a complicated question. First of all, when we refer to "identity" it is usually "Kurdish Identity" rather than "Kurds Identity."
Kurds are one of the latest ethnic group that is still going through an ethnic/national identity building. They have lived and still live in different states, without any ethnic Kurdish state.
I would say, it is not a homogenous group with different historical, cultural, social, and ideological backgrounds. Language is one of the major common components that they share.
Kurds mainly live in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. There is a sizable population in Iran and also in European countries.

If you are doing a research, I would suggest you to read David MacDowall's "A Modern History of the Kurds: Third Edition"  

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