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I was researching on Middle East History and saw this link

I was shocked. The website homepage begins with how Israel treats Palestine. I think that this is an agenda to defame Jews BUT no Jewish media refuted this.

So, is this news website a reality?

ANSWER: Hello,

In answer to your question, If Americans Knew is nothing but an anti-Semitic organization and news website, not unlike many other organizations of their kind. Their sole purpose - and only purpose - is what you mentioned in your question: it is nothing but an agenda to defame Jews, and nothing more than that. There are really 3 answers why none of the Jewish media have not refuted them - 1. Some of the Jewish media have never heard of them. 2. For those who have, some are made up of self-hating Jews who enthusiastically support any harmful slanders against Jews and/or Israel. And 3. For those that aren't self-hating, there is this: has anyone ever said something to you that is so outrageous you just didn't know how to respond? This is similar. The claims of If Americans Knew are so outlandish that respectable media outlets simply wouldn't waste their precious time trying to refute their idiotic claims.

There have always been organizations like this whose purpose is to spread slanderous lies against Jews and Israel. This type of thing is nothing new. It goes back as far as the Pharaohs of Egypt.

I'm actually glad you asked your question. It shows that, unlike so many other people, you don't, unquestioningly, believe everything you read on news sites and accept it as the gospel truth. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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QUESTION: Thanks for a wonderful response.

I never take media seriously unless I feel them authentic as per 3rd party unbiased resources. Media is considered 4th pillar of democracy but it's destroyed. I don't know the solution though

I know that Mid East history is incomplete without understanding Israel Palestine relationship.

I am yet to find an authentic source on this. Can you help?

If you have a personal blog (not a big deal these days) OR any other source you can share, so that I can know what exactly is happening.

Hello again,

The solution is actually very simple and yet very difficult. Historical fact is historical fact. If Mr. Smith went to the store in 1950 to get a loaf of bread, then that's what he did. He did not rape or murder or pillage as the Arabs are trying to say Israel has done.

I'm just guessing that you aren't Jewish so of course, I would think the Arab-Israeli conflict might be a bit confusing for you. That's understandable. I'm not Balkan so I don't understand all the fuss between Serbia and Bosnia and Kosovo. But to those people, the conflict makes perfect sense.

There are so many sites I can suggest to you that might answer your question, but instead of giving you a deluge of sites, here are just a few that I think you'll find interesting. Please feel free to look at other sources to corroborate: (my own that I haven't worked on for a long while);; (scroll down to "Our Dark Ages"); (under "Jerusalem" beginning with the section "Under the Arabs". This encyclopedia was first written in 1905 and recently transferred online. Its structure isn't very good but it's still interesting from a historical perspective).

Also, I also think you'd be interested in a booklet I wrote some time ago entitled, "The Occupied Territories". It doesn't deal with the Arab-Israeli conflict per se but I think it is still relevant to your question:

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