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What is the reason that Israel occupied the Palestine lands and made many of them as refugees. Jews claim that Israel is their promised land and they have right to occupy it. How can the Jews claim legitimacy to a land based on the religious scriptures. If every religious groups claim the same way to a particular land,  will it be acceptable. Also many atheists claim that Judaism is a made up religion, so how can the Jewish claim for Israel be justified.


Hi Amtry,

You obviously have your own fucked up opinions on Israel and Jews and you probably REFUSE to listen to the truth. Am I right? So why did you even bother asking me anything on Israel in the first place? Actually, I don't think you and your race are mentally capable of listening to the truth. That's why Arab society is so backward and savage. For much of the day, I was debating with myself whether I should answer your stupid, idiotic, and anti-Semitic question. Eventually, I thought, "What the hell. I don't have anything to do. This could be fun". So I decided to respond to you.

Regarding your first question about "Israel occupying Palestine lands". Who told you this? First of all, "Palestine lands". Just like the name "Iraq", "Palestine" was a name imposed by foreigners. The Jews simply renamed it back to its original Jewish name upon independence.

Before World War I, the Middle East was made up of a kaleidoscope of different peoples. Each of those peoples deserved their own independent homeland, like Israel later became, and still do. The indigenous Egyptians - the Copts, the indigenous Iraqis - the Assyrians and Kurds and the Maadani (the so-called "Marsh Arabs"), etc. are all living under Arab occupation and colonization.

Regarding refugees, Israel was not responsible for that. In 1948, when Israel declared its independence, the local Arabs and the surrounding "Arab" countries embarked on a war of annihilation. Therefore, the few local Arabs that Israel did expel, was totally justified. Period. Most of the others who left, did so on their own. Eventually, Israel won the war. My suggestion to you is, deal with it.

Regarding laying claim to land based on religious scriptures, true, many Jews consider Judaism as nothing but a religion, but the mentally normal Jews acknowledge that Judaism is just as much a nationality as it is a religion. So Israel is the ancestral Jewish homeland, just as India is the ancestral Hindu homeland and Egypt is the ancestral Coptic homeland and Lebanon is the ancestral Maronite homeland. As far as what atheists think, I am an atheist. Obviously, I can't speak for all atheists but I can speak for many. I am a Jew by nationality. Judaism may be a made up religion but so is every other religion, including Islam.

If you read up to this point, you may not be as stupid as I thought you were. Congratulations. Happy Hajj.

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