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I was recently contacted by an Israeli lawyer who was visiting the United States.   He wanted to meet with me about some unclaimed property in Israel, originally owned (and never claimed) by my deceased husband's parents.  They were US citizens who lived in Israel in the 1930s, then returned to the US in 1940.  My husband was born in the US.

According to this lawyer, there is property there that he is investigating for the possibility of sale or development, and wants to discuss the possibilities with me. My husband's sister is still alive and he is contacting her too.

It sounds like a (Nigerian) scam to me and it also seems to me that I wouldn't be considered an heir anyway as the widow.

I don't want to waste my time with this man unless you think that this could be legitimate.  Please advise.

Thank you,


Hi Sally,
This isn't necessarily a scam.  You definitely have rights as a widow, depending on the will. Usually these cases are brought forward by investors who already have real estate plans for property, and suddenly find they have " partners" who are unknown and hard to reach.
If I were you, I would investigate more, ask for paperwork, and find out what kind of a location the property is at.
The price is definitely negotiable.
At your Service,
Noam Kolodny Adv

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