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Isuzu Repair/axle & transfer case lubricants


drifter wrote at 2009-02-22 18:20:18
Actually it is recommended if you live some where hot like socal, if it doesnt get below 50f often and reaches over 90f temp then a 80w-140 or straight 140 weight is reco for the diffs. The rodeos DONT have a push button diff, if you have an LS or higher you probably have LSD. Also i would reco 10-40 for the t case. get a good synthetic like M1.

TC wrote at 2009-08-06 13:23:17
Actually that's not quite true. A limited slip is NOT operated by switch it is a fully AUTOMATIC operation. Factory LOCKERS (I.E. Jeep Rubicon) are switch operated. If you have a limited slip it should be stamped- Trac- Lok on the rear axle tag (a small metal tag attached to the diff. cover). You must use diff lube made for limited slips.

JCPC83 wrote at 2009-10-16 10:44:25
Bull F*cking Sh*t. A limited slip will not have a button or a switch, only manual lockers will have buttons or switches. Your a retard and shouldn't be answering questions. To tell if you have a limited slip diff just look for a tag that has a warning sticker, another way to tell is to jack up both tires and rotate them by hand, if they spin in opposite directions then you have a normal (open) diff, if they turn in the same direction then you have a limited slip. Another way to tell is to jack up one tire, start it and put it in drive and let off the brakes, if that tire spins then its an open diff, you can also step on the gas and see if it tried to pull off the jack. But odds are you have a normal differental. For lubricants the transfer case can use 5w-30 since you see a lot of higher temps, the differentials I'd put 70w-90 GL-5 in them, you can also use synthetic oils in them, by using the synthetics your fuel mileage will go up a bit since your reducing friction better.

CJ wrote at 2012-11-26 05:03:58
Hmm.. Button on the dash, that would be a Lock up Diff not a Limited Slip DiffD??

Jack up the back of the vehicle ON A FLAT SURFACE and chock the front wheels (safety first), make sure it's out-of-gear and handbrake off.. Turn one rear wheel and watch the other rear wheel, if it turns the same way it's an LSD (both wheels turning together).. If it turns the other way (anti rotates) its a conventional diff. A more fun method would be to do a spinner (burnout) on a road and see if both rear wheels turn rather than one.. lol

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