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Isuzu Repair/Severe Hesitation when accelerating


vlturbopete wrote at 2014-10-23 08:08:26

just seen this post on the 97 holden rodeo ute / in australia,and i too have the same problem..

heres a list of things replaced.

1,spark plugs

2 high tension spark leads

3,dizzy cap

4,air filter

5,air flow meter /AFM

6 tps on throttle body

7,fuel rail regulator

8,fuel presure test,between 25 and 30 psi

9,checked timing belt and timing,,spot on!

10,changed the oil

11,changed the oil filter

12,put injector cleaner with fuel,ran over a day and overnite with one tank,and did so again on next fuel fill up.

13,repaired headers ,/cracked/,

14,replaced coil

15,washed motor

and still lacks power ,hesertates though the rev range but if i press foot 3/4 down power comes on instantly but upto 100 kph ease foot to a steady 100 kph and you can feel the motor hesertating shacking,like an occasional miss and slows down then put the foot down to get back upto speed again and then wants to go over 100 this problem is driving me crazy !,only things i have not changed are

1, injectors

2,ecu ,/computer

3,dizzy,/ crank angle sensor

can be one of these but which one ????

maybe no 3 but i do know one thing my pocket is empty due to the funds that iv spent trying to repair it AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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