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remo wrote at 2013-02-28 05:54:06
I'm from Calabria and my mother made sweet Ravioli for Easter. In our dialect they were called "javone" (filled sweets). The pastry was made with oil, flour and white wine. The filling was a mixture of raisins, chopped walnuts and held together by "musto" when it was available. Here in America she switched to grape jelly. She did not fry them she baked them. Sometime she scented the dough with vanilla or home made anisesette. They were not fried; she baked so that they lasted longer. Thee are many variations but the general approach is common: a sweet or not sweet dough; a sweet filling with nuts, raisin or poppy seeds, and the sweet wine or jelly to make them less dry.  

C Tarozzi wrote at 2013-12-12 04:24:33
Follow the heart of a true Italian, not a wanna be.  Ask questions from the family and create your own traditions without straying from the family traditions.  So many great Italian cooks and bakers in this country just ask.  I would never add a snickers bar to a true Italian dessert.  In this country they try to simplify the foods of other countries which already are so simple and pure.  Follow your heart!

bella wrote at 2013-12-14 21:21:12
My mother gave me a recipe For "calcione de cicci" years ago.  I have been looking for a good dough recipe since my mother's was

1 glass of wine--no measurement, "the kind Nonna drinks wine from"

1 glass of oil--no, not the same glass

maybe 3 eggs

enough flour to hold everything together...

Makes me smile when I think of her giving me the recipe.  

I'm going to try this year.  Using her non precise filling recipe an on of your doughs.  Thank you!

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