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QUESTION: Hi!  I've been searching for a recipe from my childhood.  At Easter, we ate pizza ghienna--delicious!  But we also had a pie called, I think, pizza grana--no meat, grainy.  All the recipes I've found are sweet; this was not a sweet pie--very cheesey, savory.  Does it ring a bell?  

Thanks!  Jenn

ANSWER: Hi Jenn,

Can you please do me a favour and let me know (as close as you can) where your family originates from in Italy, it will help me narrow down my search for your lovely Easter treats!!

thank you

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QUESTION: Hi Julie--they were from Avellino; from there, they mostly settled in the North End of Boston.  Thanks so much!

Hello again Jennifer,

Well I have been researching your lovely question and have found many references in Campania for Pizza Chiena and this is definitely an Easter dish, but I have not found any Pizza grana or dishes similar with NO meat.  All of them seem to include salami's or prosciutto's of some type or another.  I know where I lived in Genoa, there was a lovely savoury pie made from eggs, cheese and greens (either field greens or artichokes) but I have not found anything from Avellino and the region surrounding it.

I do not see why you cannot follow an authentic recipe for the Chiena pizza and just sub out the italian deli meats for more cheese and your favourite Easter asparagus .....

Let me know and sorry I could not find the exact thing.

Thanks and Happy Happy Easter

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