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Hi Cristina. I had a question regarding some Italian food. I was watching a movie and in this movie one of the actors mentioned an Italian food he referred to as a "Vilosh." In the context of this conversation they were eating breakfast, and he was talking about putting Mozzarella cheese in it, as well as a nice "gravy ragu." Was this simply a fictional food from the movie, or was this a variation of an actual Italian food? It sounds delicious, but when I tried to search for a food of this nature I can not find any information about it. Maybe you can help no? Also, even if this food is fictional, I would love some suggestions for some authentic Italian food. I have an Italian heritage and I love to cook. I am trying to stay away from Americanized Italian food. Anyway I look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks again,

Hello Chris,

thank you for writing.
I think you are talking of something called "brioche" that is a French type of bread.
Here in Italy we do have brioche for breakfast (we buy them at the bakeries/bars or in the stores, they make them fresh every day together with croissant and other pastries...)but usually they are empty or have a sweet filling (chocolate, vanilla, jams...) and are eaten with a cup of coffee, some hot milk or cappuccino. (By the way, cappuccino is considered a dessert only by foreigners. Italians have it for breakfast).
You also serve brioche filled with salty ingredients as cheeses or sliced meats but those are not meant for breakfast. They are snacks, cocktail food usually served in parties.
I found this link for you:

I hope I guessed what you were talking about and that this helped!

Have a nice day!

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