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I studied abroad in Italy a couple of summers ago in southern Italy (Fondi to be exact) and I stayed with a typical southern Italian family for a month. Every couple mornings or so, the mother would give me this drink that was made of egg yolk, cremovo (egg marsala wine stuff) and sugar. She called it tiramisu but that word is different in Italy, meaning more than just the dessert tiramisu. I'm trying to figure out what this drink is called. It sounds very similar to zabaglione, but from pictures that I've seen online, its a little different preparation.

She never put any kind of coffee in it, and it was a sandy texture (from the sugar) and a dark yellow from the yolk/wine combination. It was also a tiny drink, almost paste like.

Ciao Luke

This is a very energetic drink common, almost, everywhere in Italy

Only the main ingredient have to be very very fresh as, probably, was in the southern family you used to stay..  Eggs have to be from the day...
This is the reason why, in the big cities where everything comes from the supermarket, this is not so common...

I'm not an expert but the color (little brown) come  from the Marsala wine.

The other ingredients are common in all the peninsula... Eggs sugar.

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