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I was wondering if there is a good way to make a pizza sauce with cheese in it so cheesing it becomes unnecessary? I work in a couple pizza places and they add some cheese to the sauce and was thinking it might be fun if one could put sauce in a squirt bottle and draw in a few colors art work into a pizza that won't run or burn. Any suggestions?

Hello James,

Sorry to be not be of much help, but I do not know of any way that you can make a tomato based pizza sauce that incorporates the cheese?  They are two separate ingredients and therefore should be used as such to produce a proper pizza.  Italians do make white pizza's with no tomato base and they obviously make the classic Margherita pizza with only small amounts of dotted fresh mozzarella - but as far as Italian Cuisine is concerned the answer to your question is NO.

I hope you continue to enjoy  your culinary quest.


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