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Rina wrote at 2014-04-18 20:40:12
My mother is from the abbruzzo region and she makes chadone or however it may be spelt. She uses hard Romano cheese and egg mixture with raisins(to lend sweetness)in it.  There is no flour in it   Not sure what else goes in it but that is the chadone I know.

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For professional chefs and home cooks-questions relating to the Authentic Classical recipes of Italy;No desserts questions at this stage:No homestyle cookery questions:Italian classical cuisine is on the verge of vanishing;I would like to establish a Classical International Recipe base so that no matter where you eat,the right recipe is served."Mums" cooking is fine..but I get angry when a classical recipe is implied which it`s not. Being italian does not automatically make you a good Italian chef..on the contrary it only means that the food you have been served has been done so by a person of Italian origins-Classical Italian recipes are clealy defined by history as well as research-and by the entity known by Academy of Italian cookery Rome-anything else is unacceptable. The French have converted from regional recipes to an established uniform protocol for hundreds of`s time the Italian cuisine did the same-and applaud the Italian government in establishing laws to protect such recipes from any further corruption.Customer have the right to know exactly what they`re eating...Regards Chef Davide:


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