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My daughter is staying with a lovely Italian family for 3 weeks with a youth exchange. As luck would have it, they have asked me to stay with them for a couple of nights after I drop her off. I would like to bring some small tokens of appreciation to each of them without tempting customs or the airline security to confiscate my gift. There is a husband and wife and two teenaged girls. I would like to bring things that are from my country but that would not seem overly friendly or inappropriate to the N. Italian culture. I was thinking a lovely scarf for the girls, a handmade journal maybe for the wife, but have NO CLUE what to bring to the man of the house... please help!

Hello Cindy,

lucky you! :)

I think your idea about the scarves and the handmade journal is very nice.
I think people just like to receive things that have been made in "that" Country where they are supposed to come from and not MADE IN CHINA, if you know what i mean...
I see you about finding a gift for the man of the house. That's the hardest choice.
First of all I would like to inform you that, on a plane, you can carry foods if it is packed/sealed.
Therefore..... if there are any special treats from your country I would consider to bring a box of it. Other ideas #always MADE IN.... WHERE YOU LIVE stuff# can be the usual: key-rings, belts, gadgets of any type #cups, a t-shirts...# even personalized.
What I think a nice gift could be, especially if he knows English, is a nice book that tells about your Country. There are some that are more about nice pictures than writing; these would be great even if your friend does not know your language.

I hope this is of some help.
I wish you a nice vacation. Enjoy your stay!!!


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