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I have a  question:-

1) Basically, my family have a holiday home in Northern Italy, which we are thinking of renting outside the summer months. The trouble is that, according to reports, it is extraordinarily difficult to let a private holiday home legally in italy. There are, apparently,  impossible to get permits that are needed/ a law forcing hosts to record the passport details of every tenant coming to stay etc., judging from one rare post on the subject in English etc. I presume that most Italians letting their homes privately are all doing so illegally? If so, out of curiosity, what methods do they use to avoid government scrutiny?

I apologise for asking this morally dubious question, but, while I have no problem with paying tax, I do not relish the notion of the Italian government snooping on us and choking us with needless red-tape every single year.You see, decades ago, an ancestor of mine rented the place out and had to endure constant interference from the authorities out of their desire for us to stick to endless useless regulations.

Hello Gerald,

thank you for writing.

I live near Milan and I am renting some apartments to people on a permanent basis and, yes, contracts and people must be registered.
I asked to one of my cousins who owns an apartment in the region of Emilia Romagna and that rents it out for vacations only and she told me that, also for vacation reasons, you must fill special forms and that, yes, guests must be registered too (at the Town Hall).
She said the renting contracts must be registered only if they exceed the 30 days.

I am sorry but I believe you must ask an Italian Real Estate Agency to help you with this if you are not here to take care of the registrations yourself.
It's not that easy and advisable to avoid the laws.
I think it's especially a matter of safety knowing who you are guesting and, therefore, who is in the Country and for how long and why. I think it's like that everywhere.

I wish you good luck with your renting!
Try to contact an Agency so that all your doubts can be cleared out.

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