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Unknown Family
Unknown Family  
Hello Christina,
I am looking for help in identifying details, regarding an old family photo. I believe the attached picture to be from 1905-1915 of Italian immigrants from the Abruzzo region.
Things I hope to learn... was this a "brothers" pic... could it be "groom with best man"... any significance regarding the hands - one on shoulder and holding... there appear to be flowers in their lapels... the hats?
The reverse of this photo post card says "Bellino Photo Studio, Phila. PA".
Thanks for looking!

Hello Tom,

interesting picture.
My feeling is that it's a father and son picture.
Early 1900 is the Edwardian era or Belle Epoque (french)

As for the fashion details...
The older man wears a "coppola" style hat, typical in southern Italy (originally from Sicily), while the younger guy's hat looks like a boater hat.

Check these links out:


Hope this can help!
Have a nice day!


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