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I have a two year old female IG, and I want to get a male IG puppy. What would be the best way to introduce the new dog into my home and to my adult IG?

The best way to introduce them is in a non-threatening environment, usually outside the home so that there is no "territorial" concern. Although IG's tend to be less territorial than some breeds, the female will still see the home as hers and may show some aggression towards the new family member. Going to a neutral area such as a park or someone elses backyard is typically better than introducing in the home if you are concerned. Also, when the new puppy is at home for the first couple days, let the other dog smell them while they are in a crate so there is no threat to them. Only allow one out at a time for the first day, then you can start bringing them out together while supervised. I would not advise leaving them alone unsupervised. Also prepare because you will see some regression from your older IG, perhaps potty accidents, and other behaviors that you would believe they don't do anymore. IGs are very very known for regression when any type of stress occurs. If you are able, try to spend the first few days getting them both on a routine, thus making it easier for you down the road.

I hope you have great success and your 2 year old welcomes the new puppy without incident!

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I have learned most of what I know through mentorships with breeders of the breed that have been involved for 20 years, asking a lot of questions and paying attention to the dogs signals.

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