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Italian Greyhounds/13 week puppy going in circles



I have two IGs dogs and have noticed the more dominant one is going round in circles. Not just with excitement or before going to the loo. But generally circles when not being talked to.
IS it normal? or Is the puppy ill?

Many thanks for your advice.

I have some questions of you...  do these circles always go the same direction?  And does the dog seem to be a bit 'out of it' when doing these circles?  Does the dog seem to have full control of these circles or do they sort of seem to be out of his control?  Are they slow lazy circles or more faster circles?

The reason I ask is because IGs can have a neurological condition which results in what we call 'spinning'.  It usually shows up when a dog goes through a change, a new home, first heat cycle, a new dog or person in the home.  The dog has had it all along, but these events can trigger the first episode.  After that, it happens whenever a dog is stressed, worried, upset, bored. It isn't 100% known if it is inherited or congenital, but regardless, the dog should not be bred.

In this condition, the dog usually goes the same direction every time, and isn't always responsive when you tell it to stop.  The circles can be anywhere from almost pivoting on the back feet to circles a few feet wide.  Sometimes the dog just circles around an object like a table or chair.

If this is the condition, it can be helped with anti-anxiety medications but it will never go away.  Reducing stress in the dog's life will help as well, and spaying or neutering will alleviate a lot of hormonal stress.

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