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my daughter has three rescued ig. two have hyperthyroid issues. those two dogs are always famished. she does feed them the required amount. they do get carrots and pea pods for treats. the problem is they are always famished to where it is exhausting to watch them. any advice?

Without knowing where these IGs came from and thier individual circumstances, I would assume they have been medically checked out for worms and cancer, that can steal the nutrients from the body. You didn't mention of they are overweight, underweight or on target for thier height to determine if they are getting enough to eat.

First I would up thier food a bit. Famished is not a good thing to be for a dog and they may need more calories than recommended because thier metabolism a are running faster. IGs tend to burn calories quickly if active so they just may need the calories, you may need to consider more frequent feedings as well. If they are still acting famished you could try free feeding for a while. I have had IGs that have come out of circumstances where food was inconsistent, they would act this way. To get them to move beyond the fear that they wouldn't get another meal and to stop gulping thier food down, I put a highly nutritious low fat food down all the time for them to munch on. Initially they would gorge but after a while when the food was never taken, they would just grab a couple nibbles now and then. Personally, I would do this to see if they perhaps have a fear of food not being available. If they start to get fat, you could remove it and go back to individual feelings, but i would try it for at least two months to see if there is a change. Last I would ensure the food is giving them enough of what they need. No corn or corn type products in the first 5 ingredients, that is filler and gives them no nutrients which could contribute to the problem. Also I would ensure that they are getting treats (snacks) throughout the day when you are home. Can be something low fat, even could be some of the nibbles that are out all the time in the free feeder mentioned before, just something to offer them to keep reinforcing that food will be there.

IGs are loving and devoted, thank you for rescuing some that sound like they are amazing!

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