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Juan wrote at 2016-06-21 12:43:32
The answer is really good. However the date 1726 is bad written in Roman Numbers: it says MCCXXVI which would be 1226 instead of MDCCXXVI 1726.

The abbreviations are well guessed, though the D. could also stand for Deo, but Domini is a good guess as well.

Juan, student of Classics at the University of Salamanca ( Spain)  

Maria wrote at 2016-06-25 09:59:00
To Juan:

You are right: there is a typo in the date MCCXXVI instead of MDCCXXVI (1726). I’ve unfortunately omitted the Roman number D (500) before the CC (200).

As for the abbreviation D, which can also stand for the dative DEO depending on the adjective “sacram” from “sacer”, it is correct indeed  as well as the genitive DOMINI in “DOMINI SACRAM AEDEM” meaning “the Lord's holy temple “.

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