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I'm 15 and my family on my father's side is no Italian I laugh! But God I love it all. Great culture and I want to learn Italian for my own satisfaction and so I can keep it going through my family.

I wanted some translations if you could...

1. What do you want? (Something like, che cosa volgio...or something?)
2. Why are you doing that?

I also wanted some angry Italian phrases. Basically some five or so phrases that Italians regularly use when they're angry or in strife and what they mean. I'd like them not to be offensive to God or anything! My Nonna would kill me if "dio porco" became a habit! I nearly said it around her the other day.

Thankyou for your time and I'm sorry for the length and heaps of requests! Sorry!


First of all here are the translations of  “What do you want?”  and “Why are you doing that?”:

1.”Che cosa vuoi?” or simply “Cosa vuoi?” (“What do you want?”).

2.”Perché stai facendo questo?”  or  “Perché lo fai ? (“Why are you doing that?”).

As for some Italian phrases used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment,  here they are:

-“Vai al diavolo!”, if addressed to only one person / ”Andate al diavolo!”, if addressed to two or many persons (go to hell!).

- “Accidenti a te!”, if addressed to only one person / “Accidenti a voi!”, if addressed to two or many persons (drop dead!).

-“Vai a quel paese!”, if addressed to only one person / “Andate a quel paese!”, if addressed to two or many persons (“ Go to hell!”).

-“Dannazione!” (“Damn it!”) / “Maledizione!” (“Dash it!”).

-“Porco mondo!” (Bloody hell!) / Porca l’oca!” (ye Gods!) / “Porca miseria!” (oh hell!).

I think however that such expressions, though not so offensive,  could be not so appreciated by your family!

Finally with regard to “dio porco” which is a very blasphemous expression  concerning God, I really hope you  don’t use it since it is grossly irreverent toward God. Therefore I agree with your Nonna, of course!


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