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Crazyfran wrote at 2012-11-11 07:06:01
I disagree and pretty strongly.

"Perdonati", without the accent can lead to confusion.

I wouldn't want to walk around with a tattoo which says "I forgave them", like I was some sort of Jesus reincarnation... :)

It's true "perdona te stesso" is longer, but it's more precise and that's value. IMHO. :)

Paolin wrote at 2012-11-18 14:10:29
Thank you Crazyfran for your adding.

Sure, it's a valuable viewpoint: one needs to consider accurately if the "pardon" in a specific case concerns a very personal matter or rather a wider one. If I forgive myself, am I supposed to forgive also someone else, maybe "everybody else"? It can be such; it sounds very "Christian", you get the point! Or... it can be exactly the opposite: I forgive myself, nobody else is concerned.

This expression can be very interesting for the first case and obviously it would be totally unfit for the second one. I think that your comment makes this clear in a stronger way: it helps making this topic precise, and that's value, if you let me quote.

Good bye!  

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