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Italian Language/adjecxtives "più” and "meno"


Dear Maria,

Thank you, again, for your help with my questions about the adverbs “più” , “meno”, “di più”, “di meno”, “in più”, and “in meno”.

I was wondering if this information also applies to the adjectives “più” and “meno”.

Just to make sure I am understanding correctly and completely, would you
please if the following is correct or not:

[1] The adjective “più” (like the adverb “più) is used as a comparative to mean “more”, but is never used as a superlative to say "most”.

[2]  The adjective “meno” (like the adverb “meno”) is used as both a comparative to mean “less” and as a superlative to mean “least”

[3] “di più” and “di meno” are only used as adverbs  (they are not used as adjectives)

[4] “in più” and “in meno” are only used as adverbs  (they are not used as adjectives)

Thank you very much.  I very much appreciate your help.



Dear Rich,

you have understood correctly the use of “di più” and “di meno” / “in più” and “in meno” as adverbs.
Therefore the number [3] and the number [4] are exact.

As for the numbers [1]  and [2] that refer to “più” and “meno” used as adjectives, please note that both “più”  and “meno”  when they are  adjectives are used as  comparatives to mean “more” and “less” as in e.g. “Occorre più  tempo” (we need more time),“Hanno  più problemi di noi “ (they have more problems than we have), “Se parti ora,impiegherai  meno  tempo,
(It will take you less time, if you leave now), “Ci vorrà meno tempo per arrivare” ( it will take less time to get there).

Therefore both “più”  and “meno”  when used as   adjectives correspond to “more” and “less” respectively and then the numbers [1]  and [2] are not so correct.

Best regards,

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