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Ciao Paolo!

You DID in fact answer my question! After I sent off my query I soldiered on with the good Commissario Montalbano and the word arrinisciuto reappears. From the various contexts I managed to deduce that it does in fact mean 'riuscito', so you are spot on!! I was still hoping for an explanation of ' pidocchio arrinisciuto' which you also supplied. So in fact, another question asked and answered. THanks!

Thank you Cornelia,

I'm really glad to hear about this. Just to help other people reading, in case this could help their searching, I just remember here

1) "pidocchio arrinisciuto" is a Sicilian expression that means someone ho has "had success", improving his social condition; it's used in a quite derogative sense, to mean rather unmannered people;

2) "arrinisciuto" means "riuscito": s.o. who has "managed to" do something, who could do something, who had success in doing something;

3) for those who don't understand Sicilian but can read or at least translate a little Italian, here is the "Camilleri-Italian" dictionary, to help Camilleri's readers:

Enjoy everybody; Cornelia, thank you again. Good bye!


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