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Salve Paolin

I cannot find a translation for these two words - I know bulgaro =
Bulgarian but I think it also means something else.

Can you help please?

Tks & regards


Hello Joe,

thank you for your question. I've been thinking a while and I've asked some friends in order to understand if there could be some special meaning for this expression, but nobody knew anything about it. Sure "bulgaro" means "Bulgarian", while "becero" is an italian adjective with a derogatory acception and it probably came from a Tuscanian dialect. It would be needed an English professional translator or at least a native speaker to give a proper translation; what I can do is to try and explain the meaning of this word.
It means a vulgar person, ignorant, noisy, trivial; sort of a person who in very lacking in intelligence , annoying because of his uneducated behavior. A "becero" is a boorish one, ill-bred and ill-mannered.
It doesn't have any sort of strong "moral" meaning: it's more generally referred to somebody's "style" and general attitude and qualities.
In general it's a derogatory word but not necessarily an insult.
As for "bulgaro", sometimes in Italy we use that adjective to mean that something is not as regular as it pretends to be. It is referred to the past soviet regimes in Eastern Europe, among which there was Bulgaria too. So "elezioni bulgare" (literally "Bulgarian elections"), "maggioranza bulgara" (literally "Bulgarian majority") especially more or less up to the last ten years meant that a procedural act(either strictly political or in a wider meaning) was taken in a formally rigid way but substantially driven for specific control purposes.
Well, in the end: "Bulgaro & becero" could be a general very derogatory and abusive expression against Bulgarian people, or a singular specific Bulgarian person; but it could also be unrelated to nationality and refer to the special meaning of "bulgaro", maybe with a political meaning.
It depends also on the context, obviously: where have you found this expression? It could also be ironic, for example if it's written on a T-shirt (quite "becero", indeed)or it could be an abusive expression, maybe with political features, if it's written on a wall.
Let me know with a "follow up" to the topic, if you please, and I will add more specific consideration.
Hope this helps, good bye


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