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Hi, I want to write in Italian that I need a confirmation that will be written in English that I took a course in Italian language and i finished it and it has to includ the dates of the course.
. In edition I have to get a  receipt or a copy of the reciept of the payment that I paid.
Thanks, isi


Sorry I couldnít answer you earlier!

Since I donít know who are you writing to or should it be formal or no, Iíll just write the translation of what you wrote to me:

Ho frenquetato  il corso della lingua italiana dal ____ al ____ (dates) e adesso ho bisogno della  conferma di  frequenza  scritta in inglese.  Anche,vorrei chiedervi la ricevuta o la copia della ricevuta  del pagamento della tassa di iscrizione/del corso.

Hope this helps!
If you have any further questions,fell free to ask me!

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