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Dear Maria,

Can you please tell me if the classification “conjunctive adverb” exists in Italian grammar.

I am also trying to understand whether or not the word “comunque” can be classified as a “conjunctive adverb”.

My dictionary identified “comunque” as an adverb meaning “anyhow”  “anyway”, or “however”,  and also as a conjunction meaning “however”.  

In English,  the adverbs “anyhow” “anyway”, and “however” are further classified as “conjunctive adverbs”.

Since “comunque” means “anyhow”  “anyway”, or “however”, I am wondering if the adverb “comunque” can also be classified as a “conjunctive adverb”.

If the grammatical classification “conjunctive adverb” does exist in Italian, can you please tell me how to say “conjunctive adverb” in Italian.

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

the classification “conjunctive adverb” does not exist  in Italian grammar.
As for the word “comunque”, it cannot be classified as a “conjunctive adverb”, but as a subordinate/coordinate conjunction  as well as an adverb, according to the context.

In short, “comunque”  can be used as:

1-a subordinate conjunction -meaning “however”/”no matter (how)”- followed by a subjunctive as in “Comunque sia, non cambio opinione” (No matter how  it goes, I don’t change my opinion); “Comunque tu ti comporti, ti sosterrò”, etc.
In this case “comunque” introduces a subordinate clause.

2-a coordinate  conjunction -meaning “however”/ “but”/” all the same”- as in “Ho sbagliato, comunque avresti dovuto perdonarmi” (I’ve got it all wrong, but however you should have forgiven me);“Non sarei venuto, comunque dovevate avvertirmi“.
In this case “comunque” introduces a coordinate clause.

3-an adverb -meaning “anyhow”/”anyway”/ “however”- as in “Comunque, non è detta l'ultima parola” (The last word hasn't been said, however); “Comunque, devo partire “ (I've got to leave anyway).
In this case “comunque” is an illative adverb expresssing an inference.

As you can see,  “comunque” cannot be classified as a “conjunctive adverb”, simply because such a  grammatical classification does not  exist in Italian.

All the best,

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