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Dear Maria,  

My wife and I would like to send the following note to a very nice man we know that lives in Italy. We have learned that he is very ill.  Would you please tell me if I have made any mistakes or not.

Thank you very much.



Caro Giorgio,

Abbiamo  parlato a Giovanni e ci ha ditto che Lei è malato.  Pregiamo per Lei e speriamo che si senta molto meglio.  Per favore dice Alfreda che abbiamo ditto salve e vi mandiamo  i nostri tanti auguri.

Distinti Saluti,

Dear Giorgio,

We spoke to Giovanni and he told us that you are ill.  We are praying for you and hope that you feel much better.  Please tell Alfreda that we said hello and we send both of you our very best wishes.

Yours Truly,

Dear Rich,

I’ve corrected your note, but I’m wondering whether the correct name is Alfreda or not.

In Italian in fact we have the masculine name Alfredo, i.e. Alfred in English, but its feminine form  Alfreda is absolutely uncommon.

Therefore, is “Alfreda” the name of a female person? If not, you must write “Alfredo”.
Otherwise this is the rare case where a girl/woman has the feminine form of the masculine name Alfredo.

Best regards,

Caro Giorgio,

abbiamo parlato con Giovanni e abbiamo saputo che Lei è malato. Preghiamo per Lei e speriamo che Lei si senta meglio.
Dica per favore ad Alfreda /Alfredo (??)  che vi salutiamo e facciamo ad entrambi i nostri migliori auguri.

Distinti saluti.

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