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Dear Maria,  

Would you please tell me if I the following sentences using the reflexive verb "divertirsi"  are correct:

Imperfetto:  "Mi divertivo."  =  I enjoyed myself.    

Passato Prossimo:  "Mi sono divertito."  =  I enjoyed myself

Thank you very much.

Sincerely,  Rich

Dear Rich,

both your translations are correct, as in English there is only one equivalent for two Italian tenses that on the contrary we use in different contexts.

For example, we use the Imperfetto "Mi divertivo" to describe actions or conditions that lasted an indefinite time in the past. We also used it to express an habitual action in the past and to describe time, age, and weather in the past, as in  “Ogni pomeriggio mi divertivo giocando a calcio”, “Il cielo era sempre blu”, “Credevano sempre a tutto”, "Aveva dieci anni".

Instead,  the Passato Prossimo "Mi sono divertito” is a compound tense (tempo composto) that expresses a fact or action that happened in the recent past or that occurred long ago but still has ties to the present, as in “Mi  sono divertito molto”,“Ho appena telefonato”,"Mi sono iscritto all'università quattro anni fa”, “Questa mattina sono uscito presto”, “Nel Trecento il poeta Francesco  Petrarca ha scritto sonetti immortali”.

Best regards,


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