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Italian Language/meaning of "il saluto di congedo"


Dear Maria,  

My question is about the following phrase:  “il saluto di congedo”

Can you please tell me if the masculine noun -  “saluto” can be translated as “salutation”.  

If “yes”, can you also please tell me if “il saluto di congedo” is literally translated as “the salutation of leave”.  

Would it also be acceptable to translate this phrase as “the goodbye salutation”?  Or, is there a better way to translate this phrase into English?

I was also wondering if “di congedo”  is  classified as a “complemento di scopo”.  Can you please tell me if “di congedo” is a “complemento di scopo”.  

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

the masculine noun  “saluto” in “saluto di congedo” can be translated as “salutation” and thus “il saluto di congedo” can be literally translated as “the salutation of leave-taking” or “the farewell salutation”

Anyway it would  also be acceptable to translate this phrase as “ the goodbye salutation”.

As for the indirect object “di congedo”, it  is  classified as a “complemento di specificazione” for “di congedo” is used to  specify or define another noun, i.e. “saluto” in this context.

Lastly,  “di congedo” is not  a “complemento di scopo”, as it does not denote a Purpose or End as in e.g. “Scelse un luogo  per l’accampamento” (He selected a site for a camp) where “per l’accampamento “ indicates just a purpose (complemento di scopo).

Kindest regards,


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