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Dear Maria,

My question is about the following sentence:
Non esiste miglior materiale di questo.

Would you please tell me if my following translation is correct:
“No better material than this exists.”

I was also wondering why the subject “materiale” is placed after the verb “esiste”.
Can you please explain why the subject is after the verb.

I was also wondering why “miglior” is spelled without the final “e” as in the usual spelling – “migliore”.

Thank you very much for all of your kind help.



Dear Rich,

your translation is correct.
As to why the subject “materiale” is placed after the verb “esiste” in “Non esiste miglior materiale di questo”, it depends on the speaker’s choice, since we can also say e.g.:”Materiale migliore di questo non esiste” or “Un materiale migliore di questo non esiste”.

Moreover, with regard to the comparative  “miglior” which  is spelled without the final “e” as in  the usual spelling – “migliore”, please note that when “migliore”  is placed before a  feminine or masculine noun it can be spelled without the final “e”.

See for example:”Il miglior libro che abbia mai letto”, La miglior soluzione che si potesse trovare” , “La miglior idea che tu abbia mai avuto”,  “Ho trovato il miglior appartamento possibile”, etc.

In Italian we call this morpheme a “troncamento”(apocopation) which is possible only when before the vowel which is being apocopated  there are the following consonants  l, r, n, m as in “migliore” where the final “e” is preceded by the “r”.
See also:” Che buon pane!”, “Un grande amor materno”, “Era di nobil strpe”, etc. where “buono” becomes “buon”, “amore” becomes “amor” and “nobile” becomes “nobil”.

Best regards,


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