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Italian Language/use of "adesso" and use of "grande"


Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if I have correctly used the adverb “adesso” in the following sentence:

Grazie a te, adesso capisco il collocamento corretto del comparativo – migliore, e del superlativo relativo – il migliore.
Thanks to you, I now understand the correct placement of the comparative – migliore and of the relative superlative – il migliore.

Would you also please tell me if I have correctly used the adjective “grande” in the following sentence:

Molte grazie per il tuo grand’aiuto con questa domanda.
Thank you very much for your great help with this question.

Thank you very much.

Very Sincerely,


Dear Rich,

you have correctly used the adverb “adesso”, but you should have written:”Grazie a te, adesso capisco la corretta collocazione  del comparativo – migliore, e del superlativo relativo – il migliore”.

Note that in Italian we use the masculine noun “collocamento” to say: ”retirement” (collocamento a riposo),“ placing on leave” (collocamento in congedo),”job centre/  employment office“(ufficio di collocamento), “Stock-Exchange placing” (collocamento in Borsa).
Otherwise we use the feminine noun  “collocazione”.

As for  the adjective “grande” in “Molte grazie per il tuo grand’aiuto...”, it is correct, since the adjective "grande" can  be elided before a word which begins with a vowel and thus has an apostrophe.
For example: “Grand’uomo”.

Best regards,


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