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Italian Language/use of "fare" and use of "vi"


Dear Maria,

Thank you very much, once again, for your great help with writing this note.  I am so happy to be able to greet my friend and his wife with this message that I know (thanks to your kind help) is correctly written.  

Can you please help me to better understand and learn from what you have written.

In the last sentence:   is “facciamo ad entrambi” an idiomatic use of the verb fare” that means “we send you both”.     In other words -  Is “fare ad entrambi” a set phrase that means “to send you both”?

I also want to make sure that I understand “vi salutiamo” Can you please tell me if I am correct in thinking that this means “we great you both”.   Also, can you please verify that “vi” (you) is a direct object pronoun.  (I sometimes have difficulty determining if an object pronoun is a direct object or an indirect object)

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

the sentence  “we send you both our very best wishes” literally means “inviamo (we send) a voi due (you both) i nostri migliori auguri” as well as “inviamo (we send)ad entrambi (you both) i nostri migliori auguri”, i.e. “facciamo ad entrambi i nostri migliori auguri”, since in Italian we can say either “inviare gli auguri” or “fare gli auguri”: hence “facciamo ad entrambi i nostri migliori auguri”, as I’ve written.
Please note that the plural pronouns "entrambi" (masculine)/"entrambe" (feminine), that are synonyms of "tutti e due"(masculine)/"tutte e due" (feminine), correspond to "both" as "they both (or both of them)","we both (or both of us)", "you both(or both of you)", etc.

As for “vi salutiamo” for” we said hello”, I have to tell you that the verb  “salutare” corresponds to “to greet” as well as “ to say hallo “.

Finally,  the 2nd.person plural pronoun particle “vi” (you) is  just a direct object pronoun, simply because the verb “salutare” is a transitive verb and then has a direct object.

Best regards,

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