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Hi Paolin - I'm stuck on something - again!

On your tv I've often heard someone using the above as in
er Califfo or er mutande.

What does it mean?  I mean er, of course, as I know what the
word means. LOL

Tks & regards


Hello Joe!

"Er" is a form of article in the local dialect of Rome and Latio, the Italian region around Rome. This dialect is called "romanesco". Some dialectal forms are frequently used especially in tv also because many great and very popular actors (such as Alberto Sordi, Anna Magnani, Aldo Fabrizi) used those expressions in their movies.
"Er" stands simply for "il" (the). When used before a name of a person, such as in the cases you quoted, it gives special importance to it, usually - even though not necessarily - in an ironical sense. It could mean that person is "the one and only"' "the best": er mejio der mejio (il meglio del meglio, the best of the best). As you can notice, "romanesco" is quite hyperbolic!
You can read something here:

and here you can find some specific information about grammar and about "er" too; I'm sorry this page is in Italian only:

Thank you for your question Joe! Good bye,


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