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Italian Language/use of "poco" as an adverb


Dear Maria,

Can you please tell me if the word “poco” is being used as an adverb in the following sentence:

Beh, mi sembra poco pratico.
Well, it does not seem very practical to me.

Can the adverb “poco”  be translated as “not very”?

Could this sentence also be translated as:
“Well, it seems barely practical to me.”

Thank you



Dear Rich,

the word “poco” is being used as an adverb in  the sentence “Beh, mi sembra poco pratico”  meaning “Well, it does not seem very practical to me” where the adverb “poco”, that modifies the adjective “pratico”, corresponds to “not very”.

As for the translation:“Well, it seems barely practical to me”, it would correspond to “Beh, mi sembra appena/a malapena pratico” that is not the sense of “Beh, mi sembra poco pratico”  with the adverb “poco” before vthe adjective “pratico”.

In short, the adverb “poco” translates as:

1)“little” or “not much”, if it modifies a verb as in “He doesn’t talk much” (Parla poco)

2)"not very” or “little”,  if it modifies an adjective, an adverb or a past participle, as in “He’s not very polite”(E’ poco educato),  “Not very clearly” (Poco chiaramente), ”A little-known novel” (un romanzo poco conosciuto ).

Best regards,

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